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Nick Hornby is a British artist living and working in London, England. He has exhibited in the UK, the US, Switzerland, Greece, and India, including Tate Britain, Southbank Centre, Fitzwilliam Museum, United Kingdom; Eyebeam, The Museum of Arts and Design, New York; and The Hub, Athens Greece. He has been awarded several Prizes including the Clifford Chance Sculpture Prize, RBKC Artists’ Professional Development Bursary, the Deidre Hubbard Sculpture Award, and the BlindArt Prize; and he was shortlisted for the inaugural Spitalfields Sculpture Prize and the Mark Tanner Sculpture Prize.  

Hornby's sculptures emerge from the convergence of a postermodern historical perspective and cutting-edge digital technology. Using computer software, Hornby combines silhouettes sourced from art history to create three-dimensional works that, as the viewer moves around them, seem to take the shape of different well-known sculptures of the past. Hornby's use of traditional materials like bronze and marble resin highlights the craftsmanship behind his works, which, while maintaining the look of a computer-generated model, are nevertheless hand-crafted. Mining the collective index of cultural history, Hornby uses technology not just to invoke potential new worlds but as a way of investigating alternative ways of seeing history.

His work has been reviewed in the New York Times, Frieze , Artforum, and featured in Dazed, Wired, and Time Out, among others. He was described by ES Magazine as “The New Gormley” and picked for the Evening Standard “Who to Watch, 2010.”  He has a special commission permanently sited at the Andaz 5th Avenue, NY, and the Poznan-Lawica Airport, Poland, as part of the 2012 Third Mediations Biennale.

Freize Magazine, April 2014

"As the five-century arc of its title would suggest, Nick Hornby’s exhibition at Churner and Churner, ‘Sculpture, 1504–2013,’ made no bones about its ambition, even by means of a few, discreet works.[...]This recent body of work seems more predominantly concerned with a rigorous approach to subtractive form, and a play between corporeal figuration and geometric abstraction. The results so far have been outstanding."

–Ara H. Merjian, Frieze Magaine issue 162 April 2014



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To contact Nick Hornby Studio email enquiries@nickhornby.com